Larry & Curly Kittens

All sales are contract sales: this means the buyer must sign a legally binding contract which will have stipulations regarding care of the kitten and future disposition of the kitten if the buyer is unable or unwilling to keep it. All kittens will be ten to 12 weeks old before sale and will come with a veterinary certificate of health. Kittens sold as pets/non-breeders will be altered before placement with the buyer. Buyers will be expected to have the kitten examined by a licensed veterinary doctor within 48 hours of purchase or all health guarantees will be considered void. Buyers will be expected to keep the kitten separate from any other cats for a period of one week, or all health guarantees will be considered void. Full payment must be made before delivery or pick up of the kitten.

We have five new kittens that were born the first week of January 2009. The sire of all five is Kremlincats Chilly Vasily, the number one Peterbald in TICA this show season. The Kremlincats sisters, Aylova Mouski and Idita Mouski are the proud mothers.

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