Classytouch Isis of Kremlincats Isis

This is Classytouch Isis of Kremlincats. Isis is a suede coated Peterbald bred by Stacy Polydys of Classytouch Cattery in Missouri.

Isis has bicolour Siamese patterning and big blue eyes. She was shown extensively as a Preliminary New Breed by Erin Drob and received favorable comments from the judges. I hope that by breeding her to Feliks I will get black tuxedo cats and bicolours, which are unusual in the Peterbald breed.

Isis has excellent conformation and a quiet sedate temperament. I am very grateful to Erin for passing on this beautiful lady to my care.



Cowboy Claws Frills and FurbelowFurby

Cowboy Claws Frills and Furbelow is a dilute gray tabby Peterbald with a brush coat, bred by Linda Usher at Cowboy Claws Cattery in Texas.

Furby has big, grass green eyes and a wiry coat that feels like a bathtub scrubby; its a very novel texture for an animal, but nice to touch. She has an unusual voice - she chirps and almost never meows. Her babies are born naked, flocked and brush.

Cowboy Claws Frills and Furbelow




Furby is the mother of our new tom, Fuzzy Feliks Furwentski. Furby is a delight to be around and we are very grateful to Linda for her help.

Furby was retired in June 2007 and placed with a loving family.





Okonor Rubina is a beautiful seal point Siamese from the renowned Okonor Cattery in Budapest, Hungary. Okonor Rubina Mr. Lazslo Nemeth graciously agreed to send Rubina to Kremlincats to help me in developing good show type in my kittens. Rubina comes from a very distinguished pedigree in which every cat is a champion, grand champion or international champion. I expect great things from her kittens!

Rubina (her name means rubies in Hungarian) has very deep dark blue eyes and rich seal brown points. Her coat is short, tight to the skin, and very glossy. She is especially beautiful in that her legs and face and tail are all the same deep dark brown. Her head makes a perfect equilateral triangle with large lateral-pointing ears. She is one of the most intelligent and affectionate cats I have ever seen and runs circles around our other cats, outsmarting every one of them and ruling the cattery.

I am intensely grateful to Mr. Nemeth for his kindness in sending me this splendid queen. Look for her name in the pedigree of Peterbald Champions of tomorrow - she'll be there!

Since Rubina is such a fine specimen of her breed and considering that she comes from a long line of Champions, we felt we owned her the chance to earn a title for herself. She was not shown until she was over four years old and had produced four litters of kittens, including two litters of Peterbalds. Rubina proudly represented her ancestors and won the title of Champion in September 2007.

Rubina's kitten, Kremlincats Idita Mouski, sired by QGC Kremlincats Fuzzy Feliks Furwentski, was the Best Peterbald Kitten in the Great Lakes Region for the 2006-2007 season.

Rubina crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 28, 2009.




QGC Injoi Ba Ba Ba Bambi

Ba Ba Ba Bambi 

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion

When I first began cruising the internet to read about cat breeds, I was often impressed by the claim on a website that such and such cat was a "One-Show Grand". Awards at cat shows are based on points accumulated during the show year, so it seemed to me that it was a pretty impressive cat that could accumulate the points to be a Grand Champion in one show ...of course that was before I showed Bambi.

I acquired Injoi Ba Ba Ba Bambi as a kitten from Beverly Frenzel of the Injoi Cattery in Capron, Illinois. Bambi is a chocolate ticked tabby Oriental Shorthair from a long line of champions. When we took her to her first show as an adult, she accumulated enough points to be a one-show DOUBLE Grand Champion. And at her second show, she flew right past Triple to become a two-show QUADRUPLE GRAND CHAMPION! Now, that is an exceptional performance by an exceptional cat!

For the year-long season Bambi was rated the eleventh best shorthair cat in TICA's Great Lakes Region as well as the third best in the breed/color as a cat after competing in just two shows. She was also rated the third best kitten in breed/color after only competing in one show. QGC Injoi Ba Ba Ba Bambi

I am inexpressibly grateful to Beverly Frenzel for selling me this cat to use in my Peterbald breeding program. There is no way to measure the impact Bambi will have on Peterbald profiles, ear set, eye conformation and general splendid good looks. Look for her name in the pedigree of future Peterbald champions; it will surely be there.

I would like to point out to visitors to this website that it is extremely unusual for a breeder to allow the very best example of their line to be bred outside their own cattery. This is logical; why help your competition in the contest for championship? But Beverly kindly and generously has done just that - given me the best of her best to help me make my cats better. Thank you Beverly, from the bottom of my heart.

Bambi's coat is true brown, shaded and ticked like the pelt of a deer or a squirrel. Her coat is short, tight, close-lying and glossy. Her eyes are the preferred true clear green with a subtle lick of true Kelly green at the iris. She's gorgeous!

Bambi's 2005-2006 awards:

BEST Oriental Shorthair in the Great Lakes Region. 

11th BEST Shorthair Cat in the Great Lakes Region. 

BEST Chocolate Ticked Tabby Oriental Shorthair in the Great Lakes Region 

2nd BEST Oriental Shorthair Kitten in the Great Lakes Region. 

2nd BEST Chocolate Ticked Tabby Oriental Shorthair Internationally.

After the birth of her first litter in July 2006, Bambi won the title of Supreme Grand Champion at her first show of the 2006-2007 season in September.

Bambi's 2006-2007 awards:

BEST Oriental Shorthair in the Great Lakes Region.

BEST Chocolate Ticked Tabby Oriental Shorthair in the Region.

2nd BEST Chocolate Ticked Tabby Oriental Shorthair Internationally.





Kremlincats Idita Mouski Idita Mouski

Kremlincats Idita Mouski is a solid black Peterbald who is the daughter of QGC Kremlincats Fuzzy Feliks Furwentski and CH Okonor Rubina. She has inherited her father's loving personality.

Idita was shown as a kitten and won the distinction of being the Best Peterbald Kitten in the Great Lakes Region in the 2006-2007 show year. She has not been shown as an adult as she has been concentrating on being a Kremlincats Queen. Idita is the mother of Kremlincats Deja Blue, who will begin her show career in May 2009. Pregnant Idita Mouski

Idita at this time has been retired and will be going to a new home shortly.








Kremlincats Aylova Mouski

Aylova Mouski

Here's another Mouski sister ..... Kremlincats Aylova Mouski. She's a solid chocolate brush coat Peterbald and is the littermate of Idita Mouski. Ever since she was a baby Aylova has been such a loving cat that we refer to her as "Lover".

Lover likes lots of attention and is a household favorite. Her latest litter sired by Kremlincats Chilly Vasily,   includes Kremlincats Galina Goosebumpski, a Chocolate Point and White female that will begin be shown as a kitten in May 2009.

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