Krmelincats Chilly Vasily Vasily

Supreme Grand Champion


Vasily is the offspring ofCH Kittkats Nights In White Satin and Classytouch Isis of Kremlincats whom you may see on our Queens page.

Vasily is a Blue Point and White with magnificent blue eyes. As with all pointed cats, he was born white with a short downy coat.  As he matured he darkend and lost his fur to what is referred to as a suede coat that is wonderful to the touch.  He loves being petted by all the visitors at the cat shows, but at home is very shy and can usually be found in his heated cubicle in our living room (well ... he is Chilly!!)

Vasily is the top-rated Peterbald in The International Cat Association for the 2008-2009 show year and is expected to finish in the top five among all breeds in the Great Lakes Region.

Kremlincats Chilly Vasily



He is the proud sire of two female kittens that will join him on the show circuitfor 2009-2010;we have high hopes that these kittens will surpass their fatherís accomplishments in the ring.

 These photos of Vasily are by Robin Vernada Photography of Springfield, Kentucky.




Feliks Kremlincats Fuzzy Feliks Furwentski

Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion

Meet RW SGC Kremlincats Fuzzy Feliks Furwentski. Feliks is a solid black homozygous hairless cat with big golden eyes. Feliks was the Best Peterbald in the Great Lakes Region for the 2006-2007 season. Through Okonor Rubina, he sired Kremlincats Idita Mouski, who was the best Peterbald Kitten in the Region for the same season.

For the 2007-2008 show season, Feliks was the Best Peterbald in the United States and placed second internationally. He was the 16th Best Shorthair Cat in the Great Lakes Region.


Feliks is named for Iron Feliks Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the KGB. Fuzzy Feliks will be the foundation stud for our championship Peterbalds. He is the son of Erie Shores Dmitri, a stud with an amazingly gentle, kind and loving personality. I had hoped to preserve this personality in his kittens and Dmitri has done it! Feliks and his dad are non-aggressive, loving, curious and gentle. I hope to have this characteristic personality in all my kittens.

Kremlincats Fuzzy Feliks Furwentski



Feliks' mother is Cowboy Claws Frills and Furbelow.

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